Chillinois and High Chic Society

A few years back, I had attended a women-only underground cannabis spa day in Chicago put on by a group called High Chic Society that changed my perspective on the cannabis market. It was beyond my wildest dreams, featuring blunts for sale, accessories, edibles galore, a dab bar, massages, a freakin esthetician! I mean, myContinue reading “Chillinois and High Chic Society”

Chillinois Talks to Illinois Hemp Growers Association

Over at the Chillinois Podcast, we recently sat down with the Illinois Hemp Growers Association’s founders, Rachel and Chris Berry. It’s easy to get a feel for how passionate these two are about the hemp industry and sustainability as a whole. We discussed everything from plant breeding to building materials that could be replaced byContinue reading “Chillinois Talks to Illinois Hemp Growers Association”