New conversations are available for your ears

Hello everybody

I hope you are safe, warm, and toasted. It is my pleasure to announce the release of 2 new podcasts.

On Saturday, I released a conversation with CookedOnDaCouch. In this episode of the podcast, we go international for the very first time. This is a conversation with the world’s FIRST cannabis couch cooking show, CookedOnDaCouch. Learn how to infuse cannabis into your dishes while being entertained with CookedOnDaCouch. There is a reason that we regularly tune in to CookedOnDaCouch: it’s funny, informative, and deliciously intoxicating!

You can find CookedOnDaCouch on Youtube, on Instagram @CookedOnDaCouch, CannaBuzz, WeedTube, and more!

On Sunday, I released an episode of the podcast with Michael Malcolm. In this conversation, Mike drops knowledge and wisdom on how to get into the cannabis industry, his latest endeavors, traveling during the pandemic, and more.

You can connect with Mike on Instagram @MikeGDaGod. Go to to see Mike’s website, blog, forum, and more! You can follow @WeedTravelFood on social media like Instagram, Clubhouse, and more!

Both of the conversations are highly entertaining and informative. Stay tuned, we have more podcasts and other exciting announcements coming very soon! Enjoy
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