The Chillinois Podcast — A conversation with Mike from GrownIn— Available on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, and more


It is my pleasure to announce the release of a new episode of our podcast — The Chillinois Podcast.

This week’s episode of The Chillinois Podcast is hosted by Cole Preston. The podcast has a primary focus on the Illinois cannabis market. Tune in! You can listen here.

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Description of the Latest Episode: 

In this episode, Cole sits down with Mike Fourcher from Grown In ( Grown In is the only cannabis industry newsletter based in Illinois, providing detailed business coverage you can’t find anywhere else.

Cannabis is a fast-moving, fast-growing industry, and it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening, who the experts are, and who’s just blowing smoke. Twice per week Grown In will send to you a free email focusing on the ins and outs of Illinois’ cannabis industry, telling you the names, companies, regulators, and business moves you need to know to better understand.

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