The Chillinois Podcast — Available on Google Play, Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, and more — Recorded May 1st 2020


It is my pleasure to announce the release of a new episode of our podcast — The Chillinois Podcast.

This week’s episode of The Chillinois Podcast is hosted by Cole Preston (u/cannabisIL on Reddit). The podcast has a primary focus on the Illinois cannabis market. Tune in! You can listen here.

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If you want to subscribe to the RSS feed, here it is. The podcast will be available on iTunes and other popular services in the future.

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Description of the Latest Episode: 

On this episode of the Chillinois Podcast, Cole Preston’s apartment floods, we have Michael Malcolm (, a real estate agent, blogger, and cannabis consultant. Mike travels to different states and documents how cannabis-businesses run, both on the retail side and wholesale side. Mr. Malcolm not only has his thumb on the industry, he soon plans to break in to the industry by applying for a wide range of cannabis licenses that are available in Illinois. His primary focus going into this year is to obtain dispensary permits! We talk about the process of obtaining a dispensary permit, what it costs to open a dispensary, and more.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, some associated with Cole’s flooded apartment, our production quality is lower than last week

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