The Chillinois Podcast — Episode 3 available for download or streaming on most services

Hello and good afternoon

It is my pleasure to announce the release of the third episode of our podcast — The Chillinois Podcast.

The Chillinois Podcast is hosted by Cole Preston (u/cannabisIL on Reddit) and Smokin’ Jay. The podcast has a primary focus on the Illinois cannabis market. Tune in! We already have an exciting lineup of vendors that sell cannabis-related products and cannabis cultivators that are operating in the State of Illinois. You can listen here.

If you want to share your thoughts on air, go here

If you want to subscribe to the RSS feed, here it is. The podcast will be available on iTunes and other popular services in the future.

Listen to Episode 3 here

Description of Episode 3: We announce some really exciting items that will be raffled off for our 4/20 giveaway, and we have a conversation about standardization in the cannabis industry.

Also available on:

Apple Podcasts



Google Podcasts

If you’d like to subscribe directly to our RSS Feed, go here

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