Announcing first vendor for giveaway — Veil Spray

It is my pleasure to announce the commencement of our 4/20 #SaferAtHome Celebration for the year of 2020. We realize this is a tough time for all of us, so, we teamed up with some of the best vendors and Cannabis cultivators in the industry to giveaway something special. The first vendor, Veil, makes a spray that completely eliminates the smell of burning cannabis—allowing you to get High on the low.

Rather than masking the smell of smoke, our spray breaks it down on a molecular level. We worked with chemists who have over 30 years of experience developing notable household products that you know, and probably love. Our spray is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and made in the USA (yee-haw).


We are excited to announce that the cofounder of Veil will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on our subreddit. The AMA will be on 4/14 at 12PM (CST). If you have any questions about how to use the product, how their product works, or more, join Veil for their AMA.

Check out Veil’s presence on the web:
Veil’s Website

Rules for Giveaway and How to Enter:

-When you enter, you will have a chance to win one of a variety of prizes and prize packs. This is all part of one giveaway. Only enter in once.
-Must be 21 years or older or valid medical cannabis cardholder to enter.
-To be granted an entry into the giveaway, you must enter here
-ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Extra entry allowed if you sign up for our mailing list on our new website
-You can have one extra entry if you sign up for our mailing list. Sign up for our mailing list here!

Winners for giveaway will be announced on 4/20/2020 around 4:20PM.

We will be announcing more products from vendors and cannabis cultivators for our giveaway via our blog and subreddit in the coming days. To sign up for the giveaway, go here

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